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The story behind the song – The Scream

The story behind the song - The Scream

The Scream was made in the middle of autumn while romanticizing that dying Finnish nature. We tuned the good old Telecaster to Drop C tuning and started to play around with these rhythmic high-gain riffs. Quite soon we noticed that these ”not so serious” metal elements worked pretty well with the electro layers and patterns we already had. After figuring out the arrangements for the band we wanted to add these striking orchestrations with nice accents and hooks. It felt necessary to mix that kind of new angle to the rolling riffs and bass drum rhythms. Elisa Järvelä’s epic violin was a clear choice to bring that melancholic chorus melody alive. After the trumpet player Mikko Pettinen said yes to the collaboration we were able to carry out our wild plan for that intsrumental C part - dialogue between horns and strings! Read more