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The story behind the song – Mayday

The story behind the song - Mayday

This song is another based on true story kind of thing to EGiM collection. Mayday is an abstract adventure through the world of unexpected turn of events million miles away from home. The name Mayday collects a few meaningful details together too. Of course it refers to our band’s name but at the same time it supports that thematic emergency aspect behind the Fallmarks. It’s also the date when all these things really happened, on May 1.

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The story behind the song – Ghostwriter


The story behind the song - Ghostwriter

The tracklist of Fallmarks is chronological. So after finishing the starter song Rebooted it was time to arrange this weird palette of electro music under the name of EGiM. We worked throughout the one weekend in September and finally figured out how to play these shades with the band. We were definitely hooked on the melodic side of the song so we really wanted to get it work with full EGiM sound. The latest version of Ghostwriter includes these nice elements like rhythmic bass lines, electric soundscapes and textures and cheap synth sounds here and there. These things really reminds us of early days with this song. Read more

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The story behind the song – Rebooted

The story behind the song - Rebooted

Rebooting the human mind and self-image or identity 2.0 were those starting points for Rebooted in lyric-wise. The song with pulsing beat and the wide range of emotional expression opens the door to the world of Fallmarks. With such a determined touch it introduces all these vibes from minimal parts to monumental elements. The first moment in creation process was definitely strong and effective at this time. Eetu just presented that playful theme melody while Olli was hitting the pulsing drum beat on the top of piano. After that the production got just bigger and bigger and finally we had this 5-minute film score rock song with the touch of dramatic red of torch. Read more