City Ghost's Club

With illustrations by Juha Arvid Helminen

City Ghost's Club

City Ghost's Club (Orchestral)

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I, I, I’ve seen your face
I follow you; tonight we’ll meet
Counting 1,2,3 I’m almost tasting you
Poison flavoured perfume
You´re hard to catch

Aah Aah – The Ghost Soul singing
Aah Aah – She´s calling your name

Dancing close and slow
Is this our ritual?
I try to hide my scars you made for me
Drawings of your dreams on my skin – nails in blood
Encore, yes, it’s encore – rough revenge

Aah Aah – The Ghost Soul singing
Aah Aah – She’s calling your name

You do not last forever
This is your downhill river
Of all nine lives
Repartees – they don’t slither
My words are made of bitter
The last dance time

Aah Aah – The Ghost Soul singing
Aah Aah – She’s calling your name
Aah Aah – The Ghost Soul singing
Aah Aah – She’s calling your name



The story behind the song:


The very first checkpoint of EGiM’s journey is good old City Ghost’s Club. This 4-minute song with some playful and twisted vibes was written in the city of Rovaniemi, September 2012. Since then this piece of music followed us one way or another and finally it ended up being our first single. The verses with theatrical and storytelling styles, choruses with some etheric soaring, harmonic rock band expression and the cinematic side of the song just didn’t leave us alone...

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Tuya Pajunen – Vocals
Olli Tasala – Guitar & Programming
Eetu Ahola – Guitar & Programming
Camilla Kirsilä – Drums
Kai Palo – Bass

City Ghost's Club

Released on August 8, 2015
Music by Olli Tasala / Eetu Ahola / Tuija Pajunen
Lyrics by Olli Tasala
Arranged by Olli Tasala / Eetu Ahola
Produced by Olli Tasala / Eetu Ahola / Mikko P. Mustonen
Orchestral arrangements & programming by Mikko P. Mustonen

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Mikko P. Mustonen at Pathos Music, Helsinki Finland, April – May 2015 
Photographs by Juha Arvid Helminen
Tuya's costume by Agnieszka Osipa Costumes
Makeup by Henna Haapala
Layout and graphics by Simo Heikkinen