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The name Every Green in May, or more familiarly EGiM refers to the rebirth, primal force and personal experience of shades of green in May. When you’re able to stand up again after the blows dealt by the world, you register shades that previously were unknown to you. Year after year the month of May blossoms after the harsh months of winter. It’s an enchanting phenomenon that can be especially empowering, too.

Although the first or tangible sign of EGiM’s arrival is the “City Ghost’s Club” single with virtual gallery released in August, the roots of the project reach much further back. The paths of our friendships go back as far as primary school. It’s easy to see that a friendship bringing together different personalities and a strong shared past are the foundation for a fruitful musical cooperation. The present quintet formed in December 2014 when I phoned my close friends to ask if we could funnel our talents in a project without barriers. Two months later the recording of  ”City Ghost’s Club” began in Malmi, Helsinki, led by Mikko P. Mustonen.

Although we by no means want to be pigeonholed, our cinematic expression has become a feature of, and perhaps even the guiding idea behind EGiM. Film score elements, big and small, are a driving force behind our rockish musical expression, challenging us and keeping us alert. 

For its members, EGiM is a gateway to a parallel reality, a world of startling audiovisual entities. It is also an expression of ultimate gratitude for having a new daily opportunity to realise our dreams. 

“Once the cold dark water washed over us and revealed the unseen shades of green in May.”

In October 2016,
Olli Tasala / Every Green in May